First blog post


After many many years and many many deliberations, I’ve finally decided to start a blog! Why do i name the blog Pearls and Jasmine you might ask? You can find out all about that in the ‘About’ section if you’re curious.

I’ve been getting quite a few DM’s and Tweets over the years asking about product recommendations, skincare advice and the likes ever since i posted skincare-related posts here and there on my social media accounts. So i thought, a blog would be the perfect platform for me to share more on all things beauty, including how to read ingredient lists, skincare tips and tricks, homemade beauty remedies, makeup and skincare favourites and the list goes on. Of course i’m no expert in skincare nor am I a licensed dermatologist, but since i have extremely sensitive skin, i’ve learnt not to take my skin for granted and stopped experimenting with different beauty products without understanding the ingredient list first. Hence over the years, i have self-educated myself by reading countless reading materials and articles online about the ingredients used in cosmetics products. Specifically, learning what ingredients i should use and try to stay away from. So now i would like the share the little knowledge i currently have with all of you too.

Aside from beauty-related posts, I’ll also be writing about other random bits and bobs to keep it interesting. So expect to see some lifestyle and fashion favourites, some gastronomic discoveries, book recommendations, photos/vlogs of travel escapades, and anything else that may strike my fancy. I aim to make this blog as entertaining as reading an online magazine- with it being fun to browse, a few light reads tossed in there, accompanied with aesthetically pleasing tumblr-like photos and informatively-written posts on certain topics too. I might even post some videos once in a while just to spice things up a little bit!

Without further ado, let a new chapter for Pearls and Jasmine begin!


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