Beautifully Balanced


I started to fall in love with the enchanting ritual of skincare maintenance when i was 13 years old. As an impressionable adolescent, i would easily get influenced by beauty advertisements promising the miracles that one product could deliver. After watching those advertisements and Michelle Phan’s YouTube videos, i excitedly made my way to the drugstore with my allowance in hand and experimented with a whole array of skincare brands. ALL of which irritated my skin.

Frustrated at how much money i spent that basically went down the drain,  i went on a quest to learn as much as i can about what ingredients  i should and shouldn’t use on my skin. I also did a lot of research on the benefits of incorporating some plant-based products and using natural oils to care for my skin. Being in the UK for half a decade exposed me to so many high quality, luxurious and also budget-friendly natural products that not only perform amazingly, but also packaged beautifully. Mind you these are not the hippie-looking, foul-smelling natural products that we were used to seeing a decade ago. No, these are elegantly designed beauty products that would sit prettily on any vanity or bathroom counter, minus the toxic ingredient list.


Mostly, i like using products that really feed, heal and protect my skin because of my sensitive skin condition. When my skin is healthy, it’s bright and glowing, and my confidence level goes up. Of course i don’t solely use organic and natural products. I still splurge and enjoy using some mainstream brands from Sephora (or even the drugstore), especially when i can’t find a good natural alternative for a specific product. If i were to explain this in dietary form, using mainstream Sephora brands is like going out to a nice restaurant and enjoying a nice gastronomic meal that might not be the healthiest, but it’s oh so satisfying; whereas using natural products that perform elegantly on a cosmetic level is like eating healthy and delicious food at home, making you feel good that you have properly nourished your inner health without compromising good taste. And your glowing skin will thank you for it too.

Basically, my approach to a balanced and happy beauty routine is for me to use natural and organic products for 4 days of the week and indulge in some of my beloved MAC products 3 days of the week. This arrangement has been working out wonderfully well for me these past couple of years. So in this blog, you will not only see me rave and fawn over amazing green beauty discoveries, but i’ll also share my adoration for some well-loved mainstream brands too .

At the end of the day, it’s important to let yourself indulge once in awhile. A healthy and happy life is all about finding the right balance between not depriving ourselves too much from something we like and making healthier choices as much as we can.


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