My Top drugstore picks



I thought it’s time to share some of my drugstore must-haves! I always get asked about drugstore recommendations, especially for skincare and makeup! So here, I’ve round up some of my drug-store favs that surpass their more expensive counterparts.

MooGoo Natural Milk Wash


This is a cleanser that i’ve come back to over and over again. I started using MooGoo two years ago and my skincare collection will always have at least one MooGoo product lingering around since then. Being a gentle, non-drying and all-natural cleanser, i highly recommend this to all skin types. This cleanser lathers pretty well for a gentle cleanser and your face will be left feeling clean and cared for afterwards. If i have another cleanser in the loop (which i always do), i like using this cleanser in the morning and use something a little more purifying at night. If my skin is acting up and needs a little TLC, this cleanser will dominate my cleansing routine for morning and night.

Guardian Make Up Remover Wipes (Fragrance-free)


 I don’t use wipes to remove my makeup daily, but i do find having one around is convenient, especially for me to use when i travel, or for me to toss into my handbag when I’m out and about. Due to my sensitive skin condition, I’m very picky when it comes to choosing good makeup remover wipes. Bioré stung my face, Simple wipes has a hazardous formaldehyde releaser  (the ingredient 2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol) which is carcinogenic according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) , and Nivea wipes, although formulated with gentle ingredients, are pretty dry and not moist enough for me to use comfortably on my skin. This Guardian makeup remover wipes literally ticks all the boxes for me. Not only is this product good for sensitive skin and causes no skin discomfort, the gentle formula contains skin soothing aloe and chamomile, antioxidant vitamin E and is free from alcohol, fragrance, mineral oil, parabens , colorants and other irritating ingredients. The cloths are well saturated and moist enough to ensure that you wouldn’t have to harshly drag the wipe across your face to remove makeup.



This cult product’s reputation precedes itself. I’m a double cleanse kind of gal, which means i like to oil cleanse my face first before using a facial wash. I usually take my time when i oil cleanse because i realised the longer i massage my face with an oil to remove makeup, dirt and debris, the clearer and smoother my skin is afterwards. However, for the times i need a quick cleanse, i ditch my cleansing oil and use this gentle Bioderma micellar water. Swipe, swipe, swipe and all your makeup is efficiently removed under a minute! This micellar water doesn’t really remove waterproof makeup, so i like to use this only when i have light makeup on.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment


Speaking of cult beauty products, this multi-purpose balm has a loyal following of fans who swear by how amazing this balm is at relieving severe dryness, medicating minor cuts and treating insect bites. Lucas Pawaw  is a product made by Dr. Lucas, a surgeon and botanist. He was on a quest to search for a natural remedy for diseases when he stumbled upon Queensland grown fruit, dubbed “the world’s greatest healing agent”. I like to use this as a night time lip treatment due to its thick, balmy texture. I almost never have dry lips since i included this little gem into my night time routine! Because of the ingredient’s anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties, this product can be used to treat and relieve severe skin conditions, including eczema, nappy rash, sunburns, splinters and the list goes on. I picked mine up from Caring pharmacy. Beware of fake Lucas’ Papaw product and always buy from a trusted, reputable seller.


L’oreal Elseve Extraodinary Oil

L’oreal hair products have been my favourite since i was in high school! Most drugstore shampoos and conditioners don’t really work well with my hair, with the exception of L’oreal of course. Sure, over the years i have experimented with other brands outside of the drugstore realm. However, i’ve alway had fond memories whenever i think about the old days when i was using L’oreal. From the nostalgic, intoxicating scent to how soft L’oreal made my tresses feel, i knew i was bound to come back to the drugstore one day and pick up something from L’oreal’s hair care range. True enough after i finished my fourth bottle of Kerastase hair serum, i decided to deviate from my usual course of repurchasing Kerastase and marched to the drugstore to get myself the less expensive option. I’m so glad i did! What drew me to this L’oreal hair serum was a rave recommendation from an Indonesian actress that i follow on instagram. What sealed the deal was when i saw the ingredient list! I was expecting to see a long list of silicones and not much actual hair care ingredients like most drugstore hair serums on the market. Imagine my surprise when i saw that the product contains hair nourishing coconut oil and 6 precious flower extracts all concentrated at the top to the middle of the ingredient list! Oh, and did i also mention that my husband can’t stop sniffing my hair nowadays since i started using this decadent-smelling  hair serum?

Esentiel Soothing Lotion with Calamine and Zinc Oxide

img_2129I picked this soothing lotion up when i had a massive pimple on the side of my cheek and was searching for something to calm the redness and swelling. The ingredients are quite similar to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion which my sister swears by. However after trying that, i find that the high alcohol content in Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion is simply too irritating for my already inflamed pimple. So when i found this little guy in the drugstore and saw no alcohol on the ingredient list, rather it’s full of calming , anti-inflammatory ingredients like calamine, zinc and glycerin, i decided to take the plunge and purchase this lotion without reading any reviews beforehand. I find that this soothing lotion works great  as a spot treatment, taming down angry, inflamed pimples without causing any dryness. Now, this product is a must-have in my acne-fighting arsenal, especially during that delicate time of the month.

K-Palette Real Lasting Mascara 1 Day Tattoo (Long Type) |K-Palette Real Lasting Eye Pencil (Black)


Honestly, nothing beats Japanese drugstore mascara when it comes to giving natural length and durability. This K-Palette mascara is one that i reach for the most because it contains some plant oils and natural ingredients which help to stimulate lash growth and promote healthy long lashes. Although it’s not exactly the most volumising mascara, nor is it ranked as highly as my favourite Lancome or Dior mascaras, i find that this waterproof mascara is great to give that everyday-naturally-long-lashes look without leaving behind any clumps. Oh, and this thing won’t budge or smudge throughout the day either!

The K-Palette eyeliner is my holy grail eyeliner! Very minimal smudging throughout the day, very black and very well-loved. I’ve repurchased this time and time again. And i don’t see myself stopping to do so anytime soon.


That neatly sums up my drugstore favs. What are your drugstore must-haves?


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