March Favourites


March was a month of rediscovering old favourites. I didn’t do much shopping last month. However, i did fall back in love with some much neglected old favourites that have been collecting dust at the back of my makeup drawer when my new make up took precedence. Until now that is.


bareMinerals READY blush (The Natural High)

Since bareMinerals relaunched their brand and introduced an array of new products to their cosmetics line in 2015, i’ve been hooked ever since. I love that the company’s ethos is focused on using gentle, non-irritating and minimalist ingredients when formulating makeup/skincare products. For the past month, i’ve been enjoying this golden coral blush when i want something with a little more pop on my cheeks than my usual preferred petal pink blush. This is one product that will give your face life when it’s looking slightly drab. Not only is this blush formulated without parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, GMOs, and triclosan, it’s also loaded with antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients. This blush is pretty similar to Nars Orgasm but with less emphasis on the presence of gold glitters on your cheeks. It’s also a tad more pigmented than Benefit’s Coralista blush. Did i mention that this blush also won the Allure Readers’ Choice award?

img_2525MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot (Soft Ochre) 

I have heard a lot of beauty influencers rave about MAC’s Paint Pot so when one of the MAC employees recommended that i try their Paint Pot in Soft Ochre as an eyeshadow base, i wasn’t hesitant to buy it since i didn’t really have a good eyeshadow base to begin with. What also attracted me to get this was also the SA’s comment that this would increase the saturation of my eyeshadows and make them stay in place all day. I can truly attest to that. Soft Ochre is a very complimenting pearly yellow beige that effectively cancels out discolourations on the lid and provides a nice blank canvas for the application of eyeshadows. I love the creamy consistency which blends to a matte finish on the lid. If you have dry skin on your lid, i suggest applying a balm or a good eye cream first to ensure a smooth, tug-free application.

DIOR Fusion Mono Eyeshadow (661 Météore)

This is one of those warm bronze eyeshadow that looks incredibly beautiful on its own. Even my husband complimented my eyes when i was wearing this! I’ve been reaching for this so often lately and especially when i can’t be bothered to do a full eye-makeup look but still want to look polished. What i love about this eyeshadow is that when blended on the lid, it gives this effect where the outer corner of the lid somehow looks darker than the inner part like i’ve applied two different eyeshadow colours. Which means, it looks like i’ve put in more effort in doing my eye makeup when actually all i did was blend only one eyeshadow colour all over my lid. This product is perfect for those rush mornings, quick touchups and makeup novices who aren’t very adept at blending multiple eyeshadow colours just yet.


  Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil (02 Coffee) 

I’ve had this eye pencil for quite a while now and always resisted myself from using it up too quickly. On most days, i love using a brown eyeliner which still adds soft and natural definition to my eyes instead of a jet black liner which can look a little harsh at times. I love that this eyeliner has minimal smudging and practically holds its place quite well throughout the day. The only small complaint i have is that the eyeliner is made with hard wax to ensure its durability, so sometimes i find application to be not as smooth as i’d hope. Regardless, this eye pencil made me fall in love with brown eyeliner. I’m eyeing a Dior waterproof brown eyeliner to try out next, hoping to see if it could potentially rival this Estee Lauder one. For the time being, this little guy is a makeup staple for me.


What Would Audrey Do? – Pamela Keogh 

Audrey Hepburn is my ultimate fashion and beauty icon. The fact that her influence on fashion and beauty still remains highly relevant even a generation after her death is something to be admired and taken seriously here. Reading this book gave me a better understanding on what lies behind the perfect exterior- an even more perfect person believe it or not.  Since my admiration towards Audrey is immense, i find every information laid out in front of me incredibly scintillating and find it challenging to restrain myself from speedily devouring every written word on every page. After a few days, i managed to force myself to slow down and take the time to properly assimilate each chapter. This book discusses Audrey’s career, her incredible work ethics, her timeless style, home management, her dating rules and many more. Reading this book is basically the closest you’d be able to get to personally getting to know Audrey. I highly recommend this book if you need a little Audrey magic and inspiration in your life. Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t? After reading this book, what i keep in mind  nowadays to make sure i present myself as a respectable lady with highly refined decorum and likeable attitude is… What Would Audrey Do?


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