Hi, my name is Noraishah Mohamed Anuar. You can call me Aisha.  A Chinese-Malay-Middle Eastern descent, i was born and raised in sunny Malaysia. I’m a self-professed literary geek, a Law and Philosophy graduate and a beauty enthusiast.

The idea to start this blog came about when i was having lunch with one of my best friends, Iman one day. Knowing how passionate i am about encouraging others to make educated decision when choosing skincare products, she urged me to start a blog sharing the little knowledge i have about all things beauty. Since i’m an avid reader and writer, the idea to start a blog has been at the back of my mind for quite some time now. I just never had the proper encouragement (or time) to do it. Now that i’m no longer knee-deep in law textbooks nor am i constantly shackled to tight deadlines, i’ve decided it’s the perfect time to give this blog-writing business a proper go!

So in this blog, you will find me writing about skincare tips and tricks, my favourite beauty products, homemade beauty recipes, how to decipher those complex ingredient lists, among many other things. You will also find me writing about random fashion and lifestyle favourites, my travelling experiences, discoveries of gastronomic delights and literary gems. This blog is basically a space for me to document all of the above and anything in between that may strike my fancy.

Why do i name the blog Pearls and Jasmine you might ask? Well, simply because these are two of my favourite things in the world that adequately encapsulates me as a person: you will always see me with some kind of pearl accessory paired with my outfit; and my signature scent, which most of my friends identify me with is of course, jasmine.

After many years of brewing the idea to start a beauty and lifestyle blog, Pearls and Jasmine is finally born. I hope you enjoy reading this space as much as i love creating it!